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!!! Please note that the conditions for obtaining both a permanent and temporary residence permit in Ukraine have changed. The main changes in the registration of a residence permit have affected residents of Russia. The following information is valid for 2019-2020.

What has changed since 2018:

From 01.01.2018, such changes in the legal norms in the procedural part of registration of a residence permit have become valid, as follows:

  • A different type of certification form is introduced for permanent and temporary residence permits;
  • A permanent residence permit certificate is required to be renewed every ten years;
  • Children are issued a separate certificate;
  • Papers for the extension of a temporary residence permit must be submitted no later than 15 days before the expiration date
  • Papers for the first registration of a temporary, permanent residence permit are given no later than 15 days before the end of a certain period of stay in Ukraine
  • The legal deadline for applying for a temporary residence permit is up to 15 days
  • Aliens who have not reached the age of majority are no longer entered on the residence permit certificate
  • Renewal of a temporary residence permit takes place as an exchange of evidence, that is, a new form is issued all the time.

Previous forms are valid for the full term for which they are issued.

Residence Permit (Residence Permit) is a legal document that confirms a person and testifies to the right of a resident of another country or a stateless person to temporarily or permanently live in the country of presence.

The law establishes the right of the State Migration Service to consider an application for a permanent residence permit for 1 year. In case of disagreement, for any reason, the subsequent application for issuance of a certificate can be resubmitted no earlier than in one year.

Depending on the reasons for a foreigner, a residence permit is divided into:

  • Permanent residence permit in Ukraine ;
  • temporary residence permit .

The main specific characteristic of both types of residence is the validity period: for example, a permanent residence permit is valid without a term (the form is replaced once every ten years), and temporary residence permit - is valid from one year up to three years with the possibility of renewal). But, you must comply with the requirement for the exchange of two documents at the age of 25 and 45 years. A residence permit is issued to people regardless of age (we recall that earlier a separate certificate was issued starting at the age of 16, and, in some cases, documents could be issued before this age by mutual consent of both father and mother.

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Get a residence permit in Ukraine

: is it necessary?

Answers to the question whether it is worth registering Residence Permit in Ukraine is entirely your choice, we will try to talk more deeply about the minuses and pluses of residence permit.

First of all, Residence Permit is a document that allows you to legally stay in the country (Ukraine) for a long time.

It is worth noting that not so long ago in Ukraine the rules for the presence of foreigners have fundamentally changed (you can read more about new introductions here). In this material, we only partially indicate that, according to the general condition, a foreigner can stay in Ukraine for a limited period of time (mainly 90 days (including cumulative) for 180, while the final stage will begin to be calculated from the moment of first arrival) . What to do next? How to officially not only stay in the country, but also stop by in Ukraine?

For a long stay in Ukraine, the Law provides for the possibility of registering a residence permit. A foreigner is able to permanently reside in Ukraine (as well as leave and call in) for the entire duration of the residence permit. Here we recall that the permanent residence permit is given without limits for the duration of the action, and the temporary residence permit is active for a short period (up to 3 years).

The Law "On Immigration" established that foreigners who registered a residence permit in Ukraine should have equal rights to citizens of Ukraine (except in cases clearly defined by laws, for example, the absence of suffrage, purchase agricultural land, etc.).

What civil rights can a foreigner with a residence permit in Ukraine use? It is difficult to specify all rights within one article, but the following will be the most essential rights:

  • The right to higher education (children will receive free school education);
  • The right to acquire citizenship in Ukraine ;
  • Banking service;
  • The right to a device to work without extra permissions (only for permanent residence permit);
  • The right to drive your own car;
  • The right to retirement, etc.

Possible disadvantages of obtaining a residence permit is the fact that the taxation side has a rather big risk of classifying a foreigner who registered residence permit in Ukraine as a “tax resident” - and this is dangerous with excess taxes and accounting. For example, regarding the availability of profit, the source of which is not located in Ukraine, you need to file a tax report every year in Ukraine.

How to get a permanent residence permit in Ukraine

Categories of residents of other countries

To acquire a permanent residence permit in Ukraine can such foreigners and persons without citizenship:

  • Former Ukrainian citizens who remained permanently living in Ukraine after a decision was made to terminate Ukrainian citizenship.
  • People who have the right to move to Ukraine for permanent residence on the basis of obtaining an Immigration Permit;

An early step in obtaining a permanent residence permit in Ukraine is to obtain an Immigration Permit. But, in the name of the absence of misunderstandings, it must be pointed out that both the registration of permission and the receipt of a permanent residence permit certificate - committed within a common process.

Who can acquire Immigration Permission and, as a result of permanent residence permit .

The list defined by the Law on Immigration contains various reasons, for example, a foreigner has the right to purchase a residence permit in Ukraine in the case of existing full-blood family members of the first line (grandfather, sister, grandmother, brother, granddaughter, grandson) - citizens from Ukraine, that is, a citizen from Russia will be able to apply for a permanent residence permit in Ukraine if his grandmother is a citizen from Ukraine.

Another common reason is territorial origin, that is, the acquisition of a permanent residence permit by a Russian citizen (or a citizen from another country) is permissible if this citizen or one of his close family members lived in the territory of the current one until June 1990 Ukraine. In addition, the permanent residence permit in Ukraine can be purchased by father and mother, a married couple and children of a foreigner who previously issued a permanent residence permit in Ukraine.

A similar method can be registered by refugees, parents or trustees of citizens of Ukraine.

Papers for the acquisition of a permanent residence permit

The material regarding the list of requested documents is quite large. Therefore, we removed it in another article. Here we indicate the basic requirements:

* - There is a basic document confirming the basis. So, for example, if the registration of a permanent residence permit on the basis of the citizenship of Ukraine from relatives on the first line requires documents that prove a) the citizenship of a family member; b) a full relationship (for example, if the grandmother is a family member, you need to show the birth certificate of the foreigner's parents and the birth certificate of the foreigner).

* - To obtain a permanent residence permit you need at least one check-in to Ukraine by the time you submit papers for registration.

* - For citizens of countries with a visa order, you will need a visa in your passport, for visa-free (in particular, for Russian citizens), you may need to check in /out (crossing the borders of Ukraine).

How to get a temporary residence permit in Ukraine

Changes from 2017

Among the innovations in the procedure for registering a temporary residence permit in Ukraine from the beginning of autumn 2017, the following should be distinguished:

* - Reduced the period of viewing documents from 15 to 10 business days.

* - The only registration authority for a temporary residence permit in Kiev was the City Department of VHI of the city of Kiev. We’ll clarify that earlier, under certain conditions, foreigners filled out a document at the regional branches.

* - The validity period of the document has been increased - since the current time Residence Permit the entire period of validity of a work permit has been in effect, and it can be issued depending on these grounds for up to 3 years.

* - Expanded groups of residents of other countries to whom you can register a document. So, a foreign investor with a deposit size of more than 100 thousand euros can register a residence permit valid for up to 2 years.

* - The procedure for renewing a temporary residence permit has changed. When renewing a residence permit on the basis of a permit for employment, you need to provide information confirming the company’s employment by the employer of at least 3 Ukrainians for a period of not less than 6 months before applying for a renewal of a residence permit or paying income tax of at least than fifty minimum wages for the last working year.

Categories of foreigners

To purchase a temporary residence permit in Ukraine is possible for foreigners and persons without citizenship who have arrived in the country. You wonder why they need all this trouble, could it be easier not to get a residence permit at all? Perhaps so, but imagine that a resident of another country arrived in Ukraine to get a job. Great if he is here infrequently, and if not? What if, due to his employment, he is obliged to be here quite often (or almost always)? But there are rules for finding foreigners in Ukraine.

A new procedure for obtaining a temporary residence permit in Ukraine began to work not so long ago. As we mentioned earlier, the main purpose of registering a temporary residence permit is the legalization of a long stay of a foreigner in Ukraine.

In practice, the main reasons for registering a temporary residence permit are the following:

  • work permit for a resident of another country as a document attesting to the official employment of a foreigner to work for a company in Ukraine, possibly a Ukrainian bank;
  • education - it is important that the arrival of a foreigner in the country of immigration is based on a visa, which was issued in accordance with an application certified by the Ministry of Education;
  • family reunification, that is, if one of the spouses already has a temporary residence permit or is a Ukrainian citizen.

In addition, the temporary residence permit in Ukraine is issued to foreigners who have arrived:

  • participate in those. projects (international technical assistance) - this basis is valid only on previously registered ICC agreements;
  • for preaching various religious teachings - it is important that the preacher enters the country through a visa, which is issued to a religious institution on the basis of a petition from the State Committee of Religions;
  • to participate in the work of non-governmental institutions of foreign states - in other words, to work in branches and representative offices accredited by the Ministry of Justice;
  • for the implementation of educational, scientific, volunteer, cultural activities on the basis of international treaties or special programs, legal agreements are required;
  • for the purpose of activity as a journalist or representative of foreign media;
  • foreigners who arrived illegally temporarily in Ukraine due to the impossibility of eviction from the country (during the period of force majeure factors).
  • starting in 2017 - Residence Permit can also be received by foreign investors who have contributed to the charter capital of a Ukrainian company at least 100 thousand euros. The validity period of such a residence permit is two years (can be renewed annually). Note that making investments is also considered the reason for registering a permanent residence permit.

Documents for registration of temporary residence permit

Registration of residence permit in Ukraine is carried out by the authorities of the State. migration service (formerly as OVIR, GIRFO). Previously, the authority issuing the certificate depended on the grounds for acquiring a temporary residence permit and appoints the territorial authority of the State Migration Service. If registration of a residence permit on the basis of employment for work - a set of papers was submitted to the Kyiv City Public Administration (local government), and if the family was joined (to a Ukrainian citizen) - the district government. Starting in 2017, the one authority that issues a temporary residence permit is the City Administration of the Kyiv Hydrometeorological Service (4A Bereznyakovskaya Street)

To purchase a temporary residence permit, the applicant submits to the HMS at the place of residence an application with a set of documents. And regarding a certain list of documents for acquiring a residence permit, there are also nuances here. There is a main package of documents which includes:

  • declaration of the person;
  • passport or document certifying the person, or a copy thereof;
  • confirmed translation into Ukrainian of the page of the passport (identity document) with the individual information of the applicant;
  • payment act on the payment of admin fees;
  • copy of the reference tax identification number (TIN) (if any).

The auxiliary list of securities depends on the reasons for registering the document. So, to obtain a temporary residence permit according to marriage with a Ukrainian citizen, you must additionally transfer: a) a confirmation letter from your spouse; b) a document on the earnings of the spouse (various options are possible); c) a copy of the marriage certificate. When registering a temporary residence permit on the basis of a job application, a copy of the work permit made by the Employment Center should be provided. Other papers may be provided depending on the grounds for registering a residence permit.

In similar cases, the help of a professional company will be quite needed, which will be able to help in a short time to make a set of documents and acquire a residence permit in Kiev .

If you are interested in a certain list of papers for obtaining a temporary residence permit - send the application and we will send you our offer. < /p>

We will provide high-quality and highly reliable service, you get a specialist migration consultant. Once you have addressed us, you can always continue to consider our qualified advice or advice!

Residence permit in Ukraine: registration stamp

In order to acquire a Residence Permit in Ukraine , a mandatory requirement is an obligation for a foreigner to establish a stamp on registration (registration of residence) in a residence permit for 30 days from the date of registration of the certificate.

ATTENTION! registration registration

What is the use of purchasing a residence permit?

If you decide to register a residence permit , but you realize that the main problem is that you do not have the opportunity to apply for it. As a result, you have 2 options:
First, you create an online store and find many ads "registration is for sale". You have decided and paid $ 300; you have obtained a residence permit with a residence permit. Everything seems to be fine - you are very satisfied.
The second option, the “specialists” who register your residence permit for you make an offer to resolve this issue. You agreed. Pay an extra $ 600, get a certificate and be happy.

Purchased registration is a very delicate product. Expert advice is what you need in this matter!

Ask yourself the question, what's bad here? Certainly absolutely nothing but such details:

  1. Having bought a residence permit on the Internet, you can easily get caught by ordinary scammers who can easily “draw” a stamp on your residence permit, and this is already Article 358 of the Criminal Code “Forgery of Documents” (imprisonment up to 2 years).
  2. Having bought a residence permit from “specialists”, you have a chance to run into: a) see above; b) & nbsp; use of the so-called mass registration addresses, on which more than 50 people are already registered, and the whole scheme is held by a local policeman, who can be fired any day, and then you will encounter "filing false statements."

Both of the options described threaten the cancellation of the residence permit, and as a result - the forced return of an emigrant to the country with a ban on future entry into Ukraine.

Pay your interest that we do not reject the possibility of buying a residence permit, we only focus on the fact that the residence registration must be of high quality. What does quality mean? This is a personal matter, let's say this: a fine for the owner of an apartment for such a sale of registration can be up to 8500 hryvnias

What do you do then? You only need the help of real professionals who can really help you!

Time and price of obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine

Registration time for a permanent residence permit

Here you need to recall the legislative fragmentation of the procedure for acquiring a permanent residence permit: a) registration of a Permit to enter Ukraine (immigration) - the statutory period is 1 year; b) the registration of a permanent residence permit certificate is accepted by the HMS authority within 15 days from the date of transfer of the set of documents.

We can offer a period of acquisition of a permanent residence permit - from two months (a more specific period depends on the grounds for obtaining - send an application ).

Registration period for temporary residence permit

The established period for registration under the Law by the HMS temporary residence permit is 15 slaves. days from the date of submission of papers. Please note that the submission of papers takes place only on specific reception days. We will be happy to offer you different options for the registration of a temporary residence permit.

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